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For most people who don't know me, my name is Joshua.
You may call me Regulus if you wish, Regulus is the name of my dragon that I have created for the novel that I am writing as well as my 'sona.

I should make everyone aware that I actually have High Functioning Autism and it is because of my learning disability that I love to talk a lot and I sometimes will fail to recognize any joking or angry context clues one might send me through a chat.

Now many of you who view my profile may be wondering this question, "why does he have no artwork on his wall?"
To answer this question it is quite simple. I, for the love of all things dragon within the universe and beyond, can not draw for the life of me. Every time I have drawn something it usually turns out bad and I just feel so embarrassed over it. I'm actually heavily into the works of literature and creative writing, I enjoy a good fantasy novel ^_^
I actually have been taking a lot of literature courses through my current time at college to better myself with the necessary skills I could put toward writing. At best I'd say I'm a writer who is above average but below proficient, essentially I can write and its good from the feedback I get from my professors... Its just that I have poor grammar when it comes to proper punctuation lol.

I actually have my own novels I am in the middle of working on, mostly dragon oriented (yes I know I'm too obsessed with them). This story of mine is essentially my life, my pride and joy, and from the depths of my heart (as cheesy as that sounds to some people lol). I actually will NOT post my story publicly and I do not mean to offend any artists who I commission to draw my characters in any way shape or form because I have high respect for every artist across DeviantArt, but I really would not like my characters shown publicly. I'm always scared that someone is going to just come along and steal my ideas that I came up with and have had in the process of making for like 7 years now at the very least.

Aside from my passion for literature and my story and as everyone already knows by now I am completely dragon obsessed. I'm that kind of guy who will like a drawing or piece of literature simply because it has a dragon in it. When it comes to drawings I like to observe the artwork and think to myself, "how did the artist draw the dragon? What unique features stand out with this dragon?" because I'm usually more in tune with logical thinking. Anthropomorphic dragons are pretty neat as well (I'm a fan of anthropomorphic reptiles in case you are wondering).

I really think I made my Bio longer than it needed to be XD
But yeah, that's me. I'm the literary, somewhat decent novel writing, dragon lover.
Had a DA account for one year and this is my first journal entry XD

Oh well, for anyone that reads this I know my profile is bare... I'll try to make it more lively for friends in days to come, I'm always just very busy with stuff. That and I'm starting college back up again and with that I'm all ready and set because this semester should fly by. As for today and Sunday yet I'll be enjoying the last of my vacation which i should have been doing this past week but i got bed-ridden with the flu, that's very enjoyable (sarcasm). Buuuuuuuut anyway, I'm not usually on sporadically working on my profile but today i had some free time on my hands and I'd thought I'd spice it up a bit and give everyone a chance to see a little more about who i am rather than the stuff i slapped together willy nilly and called a profile. I'll get a profile picture too soon, don't worry about that :)

Now as for my stories I plan to only write a trilogy, in other words 3 books. Now as for what they are and everything that goes with them, unfortunately I wish not to reveal any information. HOWEVER, if you want to know just ask me directly about anything you would like to know with what I'm writing on. Just know this... It will be heavily dragon involved.
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